New Patient Information

Your First Step: A consultation

During your consultation, you will meet with a board-certified health care provider (either a physician or a nurse practitioner) who will examine your legs and explain venous insufficiency and your treatment options. You’ll meet with our staff and receive the information you need to determine if our treatments are right for you. This process takes about an hour.

To schedule your consultation, call 866.Fix.Vein today or make an appointment online.

If you choose to visit us at one of our clinics, please complete the paperwork below before your appointment. It will save time. You can download the paperwork by clicking on a link below. You may also contact us and we send it to you in the mail.

If you would like to complete the paperwork in our clinic before your appointment, please arrive 30 minutes early.

The following forms are in PDF format. You may need to download Adobe’s Acrobat Reader program, which is free, to allow you to fill out or print the forms.

Decatur Vein Clinic Patient Demographics Sheet – will open in a separate window

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The Big Picture: The Assessment Process

In order to fully evaluate your varicose veins and symptoms, a duplex ultrasound, also called a mapping, will follow your consultation. This is a non-invasive test that allows us to take pictures and measurements of your veins. It also shows us the flow of your venous blood and tells us if there is damage to the valves (called reflux). A physical exam is also conducted to determine your general health and to investigate in detail your symptoms, previous medical history and any previous treatment or therapies.

As a diagnostic study, most insurance companies will cover this testing. Call 866.Fix.Vein for your consultation and to learn more about assessment and your treatment options.

Treatment Options

Your consultation and assessment will determine if your symptoms are being caused by poor blood flow. Based on your diagnosis, the Decatur Vein Clinic medical staff will develop a treatment plan with you and provide a written estimate for the number of visits you should expect.

Feeling Better, Looking Good: Post-Treatment Care

After your treatments are completed successfully, you will come back for 4–6 follow-up visits, depending on how you respond to your treatment. However, if more visits are necessary, we will continue to see you until your varicose veins are effectively treated.

Schedule your consultation by calling 866.Fix.Vein today or make an appointment online.

Forms of Payment

Update: Decatur Vein Clinic is now accepting traditional Medicaid!

Decatur Vein Clinic accepts most insurance including Medicare and Medicaid. For any payment due beyond insurance, we will accept cash, check, debit and all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express). We also now accept Care Credit, a convenient way to manage your healthcare payments.

Questions? You can call our billing office at 866-218-4060 during regular business hours Monday-Friday.