For Physicians

This portion of our website is intended for health care providers who have referred or are considering referring their patient. Thank you for your consideration.

Update: Decatur Vein Clinic is now accepting traditional Medicaid!

What your patient can expect:

  • Diagnostic mapping with complete physical and medical history review to determine venous insufficiency
  • Outpatient treatments allow for little to no down time
  • Coverage by most insurance plans and by Medicare
  • Full assistance provided during the insurance process by our in-house pre-determinations and billing departments

What you can expect:

  • Personal attention for each patient to determine the best treatment plan
  • Exceptional follow-up care from the first visit to beyond the completion of successful treatments
  • Staff member on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Updates sent via mail, fax or email to referring providers concerning your patient’s treatment plan and results

Decatur Vein Clinic procedures covered by insurance:

  • Mapping
  • Endovenous Laser Treatment
  • Ultrasound-guided Sclerotherapy

Pre-determination and billing

Following your patient’s history, physical exam and duplex ultrasound study, all of the findings from the visit will be sent to the patient’s insurance company for pre-determination of benefits under the patient’s insurance policy.

Our pre-determinations team will be your patient’s advocate with their insurance company as we seek to gain approval for the treatment. Additionally, we follow up by phone with them regarding the status of the request for approval.

Once the patient begins treatment, we will file charges directly to their insurance company. Your patient will only pay what is required by their plan which is typically co-pay, co-insurance and deductible.

Medical compression hose wear:

Many patients are required to wear compression stockings for a minimum of six weeks before the insurance will agree to cover any varicose vein treatment procedures. Therefore, we recommend that patients begin compression stocking wear as early as possible in the evaluation process. It is important that graduated compression stockings be properly fitted and that they conform to the high standard of prescription strength compression (30-40mm Hg) in order to meet this insurance requirement.

If it is possible to begin compression hose wear at the time that the provider refers the patient to Decatur Vein Clinic for treatment, this will speed up the patient’s insurance approval process. For your convenience, all of our offices can fit your patient for compression hose wear upon your written prescription for compression stockings.

Three easy ways to refer:

1. Fill out our web form and submit via the website
2. Fax a previously provided referral form to the most conveniently located clinic
3. Call 855-653-Vein (8346) or the phone number of the clinic nearest you to schedule the consultation

Physician testimonials

Hear from physicians who refer to Decatur Vein Clinic and learn more about our procedures and patients:

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